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Welcome to the enchanting world of books. The story of The Indie Bookstore began when we wondered what would be a reader’s pursuit in search of a book. We found that discerning readers are constantly on the lookout for unusual and different books from new genres. Also, we noticed that there were many independent authors who wrote on varied and fascinating subjects, from medicine to ecology to astronomy, hardly getting noticed by the potential audience. Thus, began the origins of The Indie Bookstore, with the dovetailing of both their needs. 

If reading is your favourite sport, then this is the best place to be in. We boast of a collection that will delight young and old readers alike. Browse through our collection to discover an exciting range of books. If we have read and enjoyed a book, it is bound to be here.

We pride ourselves in encouraging independent authors because we feel that they are highly creative and original, free from the need to conform to traditional publisher’s demand.

Although extremely talented, because of very restrained marketing budgets, books by independent authors go unrecognized by the mainstream audience. We ensure that their books are made available in our platform for the benefit of readers.

In the coming days, we hope to rise from our humble beginnings and grow into a leading platform to introduce fantastically talented authors to our readers.

I Am An Author

I Am An Author is a venture to help independent authors create their books. I Am An Author recognizes the challenges faced by aspiring authors and provides editing, design, production, marketing and distribution services at affordable pricing. Visit www.iamanauthor.in to learn more. 

Our passion for book production has also led us to publish books under the I Am An Author banner and we sell these in the Indie Bookstore as well. The idea is to generate traffic and drive more people to the Indie Bookstore, thereby generating more recognition for our indie authors and their books.

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