Asya Gada

Asya is a fun-loving, yet strong-willed, 9.5-year-old girl studying in Grade 3 at Tridha. She is a voracious reader and particularly enjoys fictional books. Her favourite authors are Enid Blyton and J K Rowling. She finished reading all the seven Harry Potter books by Grade 2 and has read several Enid Blyton series. However, she loves to re-read the Harry Potter series, St. Clare’s series and The Malory Towers series again and again. Asya has been learning Manipuri dance for the last 4 years and has cleared two exams of this dance form. She loves music, especially K-pop and Western Pop music. Her current favourite band is Blackpink. She loves singing and dancing, sketching, and art and craft. She also enjoys hand work such as knitting and crochet and picks up these skills easily. While she has several friends, she doesn’t talk to strangers easily and takes time to open up. But once she is comfortable, she enjoys playing with them. She loves to play board games with kids as well as adults. She aspires to become an actress or a writer.

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