D. Srinivasan

I am a bhakta (devotee) of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Coimbatore
and Rishikesh from 1996. Apart from several other scriptures, Swamiji had designed and taught Bhagavad
Gita – HSP (5 volumes – 1895 pages).
1. I have studied the HSP word by word more than 15 times and also conducted classes at my residence at Hyderabad and Tirupati. I have also attended several short-term courses conducted by Swamiji both at Coimbatore and Rishikesh.
2. I have associated and interacted with Brahma Gnani Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati from 1996 to 2012.
3. I have continuously studied Swamiji’s Bhagavad Gita – HSP from 2001 till now.
4. As advised by Swamiji, I have been conducting Gita classes for several years.
5. At an early age of 21 years (1961), I had satsang with an elderly (53 years) devout Durga upasaka – my manasika Guru Om Prakash Kaushalji at New Delhi which lasted for several years.
6. One day, in 1961, he took me to a Brahma Gnani and Lord Krishna Bhakta Hussan Lal (70 years), and at the request of Kaushalji, he went into dhyana and told Kaushalji that this friend of yours will study Bhagavad Gita in later years. This came true in 2001. This gnani could have the vision to see what I am going to do after 40 years. At that time, I had not even an inkling of what Gita is. I knew only about Ramayana because my father used to do Valmiki Ramayana parayanam.
7. Earlier in 1949/1950, when I was studying in Class 4 or 5, my father was transferred from Chennai to New Delhi where he put me in the nearest school which was an Arya Samaj School. In this school, reciting Gayatri Mantra and Shanti Path was part of daily prayers. In addition, every Saturday, a Havan (Homam) used to be performed where all the students had to participate. From then on, doing Gayatri japa became a part of my life in all situations at all times, wherever and whenever possible.
8. Now I understand how Karma works in and around everyone through different events/circumstances/situations, people (friends and foes) you meet, etc., to take one on a certain path which includes one’s sukha, dukha, success, failure, etc.
9. “Shraddha” in Samskritam is generally translated as “Devotion” in English. But in my view, devotion does not adequately represent the meaning of Shraddha – it could be somewhat like this – wholeheartedness, heart and soul in it, etc. Shraddha is an essential quality, and the real key for all kinds of knowledge, including spiritual knowledge. Gita also says so.

D. Srinivasan (Mobile no. 94404-95803), duraiswamy.srinivasan@gmail.com

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