Dania Mascharenhas

Hi! I’m Dania! I’m 11 years old and in the sixth grade. I live in Mumbai, a densely populated place, but the upside of that is that we are lucky to be surrounded by many cultures and a lot of delicious food. My favourite pastime is baking. I also enjoy art like sketching, painting and drawing, and I love playing the guitar. I like outdoor activities such as wave boarding, cycling and skating too. As for my imagination, when I’’m relaxed, I come up with the best tales. I even dream of fantastical 4 kg cakes with many layers, sandwiched together with delicious fillings and dry-ice fog cascading over the cake!
In my stories, my character’s physical or personality traits are often inspired by my real family and friends! For example, in “The Sleepover Surprise”, I imagined what my friends would say or do in particular situations, and this helped me to write the lines. I chose the theme of Halloween, because I’ve always wanted to experience it, and we somehow don’t celebrate it here in India. I wrote what I imagined Halloween would be like being with friends, having fun and meeting new people – but with a spooky twist.

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