Dr. C.N. Srinivas

Srinivas Chakravathy Narasimhachar (Dr. CNS) has 27 years of experience in laboratory medicine, pathology, transplantation immunology and molecular diagnostics. He has worked in various hospitals at various capacities. He is an ISO 15189 assessor; NABH, NABH-Medilab assessor; and a CAP inspector. He is a WHO-certified GCLP TRAINER. He is the Director of CoE in phlebotomy and the LQMS Course. His interests are in Total Laboratory Management, Urine Analysis, QMS system including six sigma, immunology and histopathology. He is known for laboratory medicine best practices and has been a pioneer in integrated clinical diagnostics. He was bestowed the title “Father of Urine Automation” and awarded “best teacher”. He has published 40 national and 20 international papers. He has been to around 60 countries to various conferences as a faculty/delegate and as a resource personnel. To date, he has given more than a 100 talks on various aspects of laboratory management, which also includes the coveted talk “The Bhagavat Gita in Laboratory Medicine”.
He also holds the privilege of being the first professional in India to start a week-long celebration for medical laboratory professionals since year 2000. He has conceptualized a social media group called “Laboratory Newsletter”, which boasts of 250 members including CAO and directors of various organisations in India. His hobbies include book reading, trekking, cooking, music and teaching management mantras to all including IVD groups.

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