Isabella Anto

I am Isabella Anto (but call myself Christie – that’s what we call ourselves in our school, Christ School ICSE, Bangalore), a sixth grader. I am an empathetic soul who always tries to make everyone around me happy. I believe solitude is at times a superpower, especially in the crowded, digitally linked modern age. Reading stories that take me to different worlds is a serious love affair that I’m religiously committed to. I believe that people who enjoy and make good use of their alone time are the people who have confidence and self-reliance. I value interpersonal relationships and respect other persons’ beliefs and way of life. I enjoy reading because it improves my attention span and increases my vocabulary (I always love to learn new words).
I love storytellers. My Appa’s bedtime stories, exclusively crafted for me, are the most loved and best treasured. You can expect me to react in an involuntarily funny way, especially when I converse with my peers. Sometimes, the way I behave makes me feel like I’m a funny person, without even trying. Being funny makes me feel creative in a way that I would only understand. I always see the brighter side of things. I would say that makes me an optimist because it’s like I see “the glass half full”, instead of thinking it is half empty.

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