Rayvathi Subramaniam

Some of my fondest memories are etched in my career as a teacher spanning some 15 years – two as a teacher and the remaining as the head of the institution. I cherish the 11 years I spent as the Principal of the ICF Higher Secondary School, Chennai, and after moving to Gujarat with my husband, I was the Principal of a school in Awarpur for a couple of years. I was apprehensive about giving up my career fairly early, but the horizon continued to beckon. I discovered a passion for pottery which engrosses me to this day. Dance (Bharatanatyam), music and gardening give me much joy. I took to learning the keyboard in my early seventies. Often an evening is spent playing the old tunes. I took to writing, thanks to the “lock down” and my niece who put a bee in my bonnet!!! The following lines that I read somewhere remain an anchor, “Life is a large canvas; keep drawing the lines and throwing in the colours”.

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