Santhoshi R

Santhoshi R is a child in Class 12 at Bharathi Matric Higher Secondary School. She is very passionate about literature and reading books. She has a lot of interest in learning languages, especially English. Books have always been her best friend. She takes part in many inter-school and intra-school competitions. She also participates in the International English Olympiad exams that serve as a platform to test her English skills. She uses a lot of techniques to master the English language. One among them is writing stories on her own. She has the habit of learning two new English words every day and plays crossword and word puzzle games. These simple techniques helped her to improve her vocabulary.
Recently, she has developed a blogspot (Blog Link: to post her writings in the form of blogs. Her teachers also help her a lot by motivating her and providing various opportunities to improve her skill. She is very happy and proud to publish her story here and hopes that we enjoy it. Happy reading!

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