S.R. Sri Sai Darshan

S. R. Sri Sai Darshan is a 9-year-old champ studying Class 5 in The Pupil School, Chennai. Darshan’s favourite subject is Science. He aims to become a robotic scientist when he grows up. He is very passionate about archery, drawing and crafts. His favourite pet is the rabbit. His all-time favorite movie is The Avengers. He is known for his affable nature and hence his ability to make friends easily. He has a lot of friends and he loves playing in the park with them. He can spend hours playing on the monkey-bar!!! As much as he’s an outdoors guy, Darshan also loves books. He has been fascinated by books since his toddler days. He enjoys reading both fiction and non-fiction. His love for reading has led him to become an author.

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