Vihaan Krishna

Vihaan Krishna is a third grader from Chennai. He constantly cracks up his mom and dad with quirky jokes and naughty pranks, and equally loves reading funny books. He loves reading Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton’s books, not to forget the Dog Man comics. He is also obsessed with writing his own comics. Krishna started creating stories as soon as he could talk, but this Rohit and the Disappearing Butterflies story is the first one written by him. He is currently busy writing chapter books brimming with adventure. The little fellow has varied interests in sports, cooking, music, art, magic and math. He is an adept football player and is learning Carnatic music too. From Rubik’s cube to Domino fall, there is so much in the world for Krishna to explore. He loves puppies and is equally eager to nurture plants. What does he hate most? The online classes, of course! Like every child, he is waiting for his school to reopen and meet his friends. When COVID is gone, his number one wish is a visit to the swimming pool.

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