Colours of Joy: An Activity Book with Stories and Poems


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Publisher: I Am An Author
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Level: Early Reader (Age 3+)

Type: B&W

Genre: Activity Book, 

Size: 8 x 10 (handy for small kids)

Pages: 24

As part of our celebration of Children’s Day 2021, “I Am An Author” invited entries for a story writing contest for kids (ages 3–18). In response, we received a great number of entries, and it was sheer joy reading some of the most original and imaginative stories and poems. Some stories are relatable to their day-to-day life, and some transport us to fascinating imaginary worlds – to space, to an underwater world, to a different frequency and so on. Stories of all genres find a way into this collection – adventure, drama, fantasy, spooky, thriller, mystery, science fiction and those with a social message. Enjoy Colours of Joy, a book of stories and poems by kids as young as 5 years! 

This book includes works of:

Infantrin Feivel M

K P Samyuktha

Vaanya Joshi

Vihaan Krishna


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