My Cup Overflows

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This beautifully laid out book has a ‘scrap book’ feel with real-life stories, fiction and poems.  It celebrates everyday ordinary life and calls us to take time to enjoy the moments in our days. ‘My Cup Overflows’ is a call to embrace life and live it to the full – dinners around the table, the gentle breeze, the laughter of children, the wrinkles on your skin and the smell of freshly brewed coffee!

My cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

Psalm 23

God’s word – my joy and my heart’s delight.

Jeremiah 15:16

 From the author

Try to embrace every stage of life, each one comes with gifts of its own. Look for them, treasure them and enjoy them. Then when you enter another phase of life, you will have new gifts to open and revel in.

When we do everyday life with God, even our mess becomes a message in His hands.

Always remember – ‘Life is not a problem to solve but a gift to cherish’

Reason for this book

Shoba had put together a similar book for friends and family in India as a tribute to her Mother on her 10th death anniversary. When friends asked her to come up with a similar one, she worked on this little treat and decided to publish as a Kindle version to make it more accessible!


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Paperback, ebook

3 reviews for My Cup Overflows

  1. Shantha Ambat

    A book you could relax, recline in your couch and enjoy reading!. The author expresses her thoughts so vividly in simple English, her childhood memories and the unforgettable events in her life. The recipes are an added surprise ! Easy to read with a well spaced clear font.

  2. Nina Thomas

    This book is a heartwarming collection of anecdotes and mouthwatering recipes. The down to earth tips and suggested activities appear very doable and fun.

    Throughout the book the importance of relationships is captured very beautifully. The author has a beautiful style of writing which is easy to read and feels like a conversation with a dear friend.

    A very positive and uplifting book. The kitchen prayer poster which comes free with this book is a bonus.

  3. Reena (verified owner)

    A lovely little book written so well about our everyday lives . Each line I read ,it took me back to my childhood and experiences that brought a smile on my face . Every story makes us pause, reflect our own everyday actions .it also makes us to see life in a whole new perspective and also makes us want to sail in these experiences again,some which we might have missed or some which we have gone through ourselves over the years .The simple yet powerful kitchen prayer which we all need as we start our everyday routine was a surprise.

    “MY CUP OVERFLOWS” A beautiful collection of everyday life in words has filled me with so much joy and has left me wanting for more .

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