The Lilliput Bedtime Collection: Moral Stories for Kids


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Publisher: I Am An Author
Product ID: 5864


Title: The Lilliput Bedtime Collection: Moral Stories for Kids

Level: Early Reader (Age 3+)

Type: Illustrated Story, Full Colour

Genre: Moral Stories, Fiction

Size: A5 (handy for small kids)

Pages: 5 separate books (72 pages in all)

Font: Bigger reader-friendly font with apt spacing to make reading a pleasure

Description of book: A collection of 5 short story picture books. Two pots is a beautifully illustrated tale aimed at teaching kids that despite our flaws, we all have some unique purpose in life. A tale about a bully named Dushyantha will introduce kids to the concept of bullying. In a lighthearted manner, it presents why it is wrong to bully and how to overcome bullies. The Man with Duck Feathers is a fun tale that would teach your kid the importance of honesty and help them understand what can happen if one lies. Mahesh visits his friend’s wedding party and tastes delicious momos. He decides to go home and make momos at home with his wife. But on his way, he forgets the word “momos”. How he finally makes momos at home forms the crux of the story. Ramu meets a genie called Pasupathi who changes his fortune forever. This folk tale has a heartwarming message for its little readers.


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