The Lilliputian Book of Making Sentences – LEVEL 2


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Level: Beginner

Type: B&W

Genre: Education

Size: 8 x 10

Pages: 120

Font: Bigger reader-friendly font with apt spacing to make reading a pleasure


1. Introduction
2. Clauses and Phrases
3. Types of Clauses
4. Types of Sentences
4.1 Simple sentence
4.2 Complex sentence
4.3 Combining sentences using coordinating conjunctions
4.4 Combining sentences using subordinating conjunctions
5. Active Voice and Passive Voice
5.1 Active voice
5.2 Passive voice
6. Direct Speech and Indirect Speech
6.1 Changes in indirect speech
6.2 Exceptions: When does the verb not undergo any change?
6.3 Time words in indirect speech
6.4 Place words in indirect speech
6.5 Summary – indirect speech
7. Practice Sheets
8. Answer Key


The Lilliputian Book of Making Sentences is a unique book that will help little minds express their thoughts as sentences. Understand clauses and phrases and how to use them in making beautiful sentences with this book. 


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